May 7
Did this in one setting…he’s a champ

Did this in one setting…he’s a champ

What is your policy on walk-ins?

walk-ins are always welcome

Do you guys go by the hour or is there a rate that you do for sittings/sleeves?


It’s $120 an hour but the longer the sitting the more we can work with you

A New Crew and an Amazing Shop

Burien Tattoo has acquired new amazing artists from around the country.

We have Ken One from Tampa, Florida who has already begun creating a name for himself among his old as well as new customers. He is dedicated to the tried and true traditional style tattoos that everyone knows and loves. With him he brings over 14 years of experience in tattooing and a lifetime of artistic skill. I have known him for years and aside from the fact that he’s a dirt rocker he is by far one of the most truest, honest, loyal, and flat out best people I have ever met.

Joseph has been traveling the states for a few years and has finally come home to the Pacific Northwest where his career began over 17 years ago in Seattle. He is a conversationalist for sure and loves to talk shop, tattoo history, and the way things were back in the day. He has an old schoolers approach to tattooing and loves what he does.

In December we will be adding another artist named Mike Olsen who has been tattooing locally for for four years.

In February Ryan Mossman will be back with us and I for one truly miss him and the energy he brings to the shop.

This shop has become a place where people can be confident that the work they are going to get is without a doubt the best our industry has to offer. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and only after the customer is completely satisfied will we begin the tattoo process.

We hope to see you soon and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

do you guys do any exotic modifications such as scarification or anything like that? what time are you guys open til id like to discuss a tattoo and price this week

we do brandings and scalple scarification. we are open from noon to nine seven days a week

Ken One's facebook

BTU Tattoo welcomes home Ken One. An absolutely amazing tattooer straight from the old school. Check out his work and start setting appointments now cause trust me, this cat gets booked up fast!!

Snake and sull on Long after first session

Snake and sull on Long after first session

Smoov-E “Dick Like Mine” (by smoovbasket)

Sep 9

Shop Talk

The school year has started and the summer is dying down and giving me more time to pay attention to our site. We are starting to really take off as word of our quality of work is spreading and the hard work and determination is really paying off.

This month we lost Ryan Mossman, an artist here, for a year unill he returns in the summer of 2012 from New Mexico where he is tending to family business. This, however leaves an open station in our organization and with more and more people filtering in we are becoming busier and busier and could us some qualified help. So if you know someone let us know.

We updated our supply catalog and will continue to do so as our surplus grows.

Sep 9

Will you guys tattoo a woman thats breastfeeding? Weird question, I know but I've read come shops won't.



according to the American Pregnancy Association it is ultimately your decision so please visit their site and do a little research and if you are still interested give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

Sep 9

how much would it be for an asian dragon to cover up old tat


I would really need to see the work that is going to be covered up and the size and style of dragon you’re hoping to use before i can give a proper estimate. The best way to do it is to come in and have a consultation with us.